Sunday, 26 October 2014

All things swedish

I went for a very delicious lunch last Sunday, sadly no photos but I was very impressed. We went to 'Caravan' in Kings cross which is a restaurant rather than a cafe and very popular. We had a 45minute wait but it was worth it. You know a good menu when you can't decide what to have. The options were modern and slightly unusual, such as coconut bread and fennel toast. We all opted for the smoked salmon with pea shoots, fennel toast and goats cheese puree. The toast was disappointingly small and more like two crisps but the salmon was good quality and it was all presented in a work of art. Surprisingly filling for what looked delicate and well, reserved on the plate. Pudding was one of the best salted caramel hot chocolates I have had. The perfect amount of chocolate, salt and caramel. Winning combination. I will definitely be going back to try the weekly changing menu. The interior was very modern is the large ex-grain store open space. Adorned with low hung lights, plentiful small wooden tables and grey sofa style chairs lining the edge. There was a loud and lively atmosphere due to  the large crowd and louder music.

It was a food filled weekend as the previous day we had gone to 'Begeriet', a quaint swedish bakery near leicester square. We had sought this out, otherwise we may have missed it. It only sat 8 people, all of whom seemed to be swedish (a good sign for a swedish bakery). The sweet treats were all traditional bakes, including lots of cinnamon, princessa cake and all sorts of mini delights. We shared a cinnamon swirl and a muffin filled with caramel and topped with a harder caramel and almond combo. I am a massive fan of cinnamon and these were both a success. The caramel inside the muffin was a good surprise. It wasn't the usual muffin sponge but more a sweet bread / muffin texture. I assume this is traditional but wither way, it was a good twist.

Atmosphere: 8  Interior: 8 (simple but a welcoming, warm,  homely feel)   Lunch:  0 (only pudding)   Pudding:  10 (lots of choice)   Drinks other than coffee: 7

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