Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Toilet food

As Saturday's lunch spot had only puddings that wanted to leave and go on holiday, we went on another quest for something sweet. We found 'The Attendant'. Once a grim London toileting establishment, now a transformed cafe. Still with urinals and toilet systems but, ironically, not a functioning toilet in sight. It was quite small inside but I was surprised how many people could fit in. More lively than some with its 'Chemical Brothers' soundtrack and also a good crowd. People sat (on trendy stalls) in their own urinal with a small sandwich selection (it was the end of lunch hours) or some carrot cake, banana bread, cookies or three different types of brownie. Again, me and T got two and shared. First we tried the carrot cake; a good size, good flavour, although I would have liked some spice in there, and some cream cheese on top. Traditionally this would have been sweetened by icing sugar or such like but this was pure cheese (hmm). For seconds we had 'The Elvis': banana brownie with crushed nuts. A strange sensation - full banana flavour with hints of chocolate ad a brownie texture. It sounds odd but somehow it worked. For somewhere a bit different, I think it would be a good addition to the London tourist guidebooks.

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