Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A very 'Bad brownie'

Of course we had pudding at Street Feast too. Remember when it was good to say 'bad', as in bad meant good... well we tried 'Bad brownies'. This was in fact the name of the brownie company and they were very 'bad'. We obviously had to try the award winning salty caramel. It is hard to make the perfect brownie - soft, rich and sticky in the middle with a gentle crunch on the edge... Bad brownie had a good consistency but it was very sweet. With rich chocolate, a gooey caramel centre AND crunchy caramel on top, it was quite a lot. But we may have appreciated it more if we hadn't had three courses of street food stalls before. A good brownie but not my favourite. They did offer other inviting flavours which  woudly try. While it was sweet, I wasn't put off. Bad but not too bad.

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