Friday, 29 August 2014

Muff... as in an exhaust muffler...

I thought it was about time we saw what the fuss was about with the Olympic park (Stratford) and with a new area meant ...a new coffee shop! This was the hottest day of the year so outside seating by a canal was the ideal suggestion of Muff Customs Cafe. It had a definite motorbike feel with outfits (I'm sure there is a more butch name for the attire but then the cafe is called muff) and bikes inside. As it turns out, there is a bike motorbike workshop next door giving a reason for the theme. It has a very hipster feel about it, in spite of its bike repairs functions and, while it's decor was inviting and, as you would say in the 90's, 'cool', the menu was quite limited. I opted for the 'huevos rancheros' with their chillies, refried beans, fried egg and surprise cheese underneath. Quite the filling treat on a hot summers day. However T was a little disappointed. Not with the flavour of the sweet pulled pork bun, but the lingering hunger after. It looks like a muffin and it was the size of one. Excitingly quirky but doesn't quite cut if for a foodie. 
Atmosphere: 9  Interior: 9 Lunch: 6 Pudding: 5 (we didn't have either of the two options) Drinks other than coffee: 5
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