Tuesday, 26 August 2014

And so a love affair began...

My love of coffee shops began with a creatively displayed cake selection adorned with lashings of pastel-shaded cream, glossy caramel, cloud like meringue with pink rain and delicate sweet snowy cupcake peaks. I was mesmerized. So beautiful and oh so tempting. Little did I know that this was the start of things to come. 

The shop was Bea's of Bloomsbury, which was discovered entirely by accident. We (with T, the willing coffee shop companion) were on our way to try vietnamese baguettes when dessert seemed more inviting. Spoilt for choice, I decided on a signature cookie, known as a 'snickerdoodle'. Copious amounts of cinnamon and yum later, I was in love. T opted for the equally delicious and melt in the mouth 'blondie'. 

This was now well over a year ago and I decided to write this blog to share what I have been doing since. Many a coffee shop has now been visited, tried and tasted in London and other exciting places. I have sampled, scoffed and desired many a coffee shop treat. I chose now because I went back to the place where it all began (well, a sister chain in St Paul's). Bea's of Bloomsbury make afternoon tea! (See pic.) A delicious taste of scrumptiousness (um..for want of a better word). We (with T) began our feast with mini baguettes of known and lesser-known combinations (cream cheese, crushed almonds and thyme), followed by light and fluffy scones with fresh cream and strawberry jam. This was completed with several puddings. I'm not known to leave any dessert but even my sweet tooth couldn't finish it. This highlights were definitely the passion fruit marshmallow, rich brownie and perfectly light and the fragrant lemon cupcake. Mmm. 

Over the next few blogs, I'm hoping to update you on previous and equally as delicious finds, as well as sharing recipes that I like to try (successfully or not) and hopefully recipes that I've created. Even though I talk of coffee shops, it's the food I care about. Why not go to restaurants you may ask? Well, I have done a lot of traveling in my time and I have always found gratitude and respite in the fresh roasting smell of coffee surrounded by fellow people relaxing, enjoying a low strum of an acoustic guitar (or a Jack Johnson CD) and admiring the often quirky or arty interiors. They became a home away from home and have continued to become my place of calm and inspiration. I'm not a qualified food-eater or have any degree of expertise but I am human and therefore was designed to eat. And eat is what I shall do. 
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